Credit Reports

Credit Bureau Services is a full service reporting agency. We assist with all aspects of credit reporting.


Credit Reports

Since 1905, Credit Bureau Services have been providing area businesses with credit reporting services.  Our services are wide and varied.

Single Bureau Reports

We offer TransUnion or Equifax "single bureau" credit reports. These reports can be accessed via our web-based service or it can be housed within your server via an inhouse application. For most 3rd party systems, this is as easy as getting a subscriber number and password from CBS. If your system is one where you have to select a reseller from laundry list, let us know your provider and we will work with them to get CBS onto your list.

CBS Web-Based Features

Customizable Letters

Our inhouse applications provides you the ability to create custom letters and merge information with the database (i.e. customer's name, address, etc).

Full support of Add-Ons

Our inhouse-based application provides access to the various add-on features provide by TransUnion.  These add-on products include:


Product Description 

 Look Decodes all business names that have contributed information to the credit report.
 Trace/ReTrace Finds the current and previous addresses of any person on file. It will also return SSN of person on file.
 Trace Plus Expanded version of Trace and Social Search. Requires SSN. Provides current & former employment information.
 Fact Provides consumer last known address and employment, numbers of creditors, and basic public record information.
Public Record Provides liens, judgments and bankruptcies.

Browser Requirements

Our system requires Internet Exlorer

Credit Reports

Your credit reports will be set to your specifications during set-up, this can include credit summary, industry specific scores or fraud detection. These requirements are established once during system set-up and will be provided on all reports requested.

Features of our Web-based Application

Customizable Credit Reports

Our web based credit reports are among the easiest to read in the industry.  Starting from a basic pre-defined layout, we can work with your personnel to develop a report that best fits your business needs and acumen.

Fraud Alert and Detection

A value-added service to our standard reports.  Reduce the risk of fraud and help protect your business. Fraud prevention add-ons include High Risk Fraud Alert and ID Mismatch Alert.

Decoded Trade Lines

A value-added feature that allows you to personally verify trades.  A decode provides the address and phone number of the creditors.

Remove a Borrower with One Click

You can remove a borrower from a joint file with only one click.  There are no extra fees and no additional costs.  One Click will reassemble the file to display a joint merged report. 

OFAC Compliance

State-of-the-art optional database tool that helps you comply with Patriot Act requirements. We check the subject’s name and other attributes on a credit report against a continuously updated Office of Foreign Assets Control (OFAC) database and immediately alert you if there is risk related to Specially Designated Nationals (SDN) status.

Credit Scores

Credit scores converts the collective experience of reported credit information, public record information and inquiries to a numerical score that may be indicative of future payment behavior. Predicts varying degrees of delinquences, slow-pays, charge-offs and bankrupties.

Credit Summary

Our value added credit summary can provide you with a quick overview of the individual's financial situation.

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