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Credit reports coupled with office procedures helps to minimize future problems.


Doctors Offices

The task of keeping accounts receivable in control while containing costs is a challenge faced by office managers every day. From submitting and resubmitting claims to assisting patients in understanding their EOB's to coordinating pharmaceutical reps and vendors, office managers within a doctor's office wear many hats. CBS' goal is to make their lives a little easier by streamlining the collection process.

Our programs are designed to:

  • Minimize costs by quickly identifying slow-pays from no-pays.
  • Help with developing collection procedures that are effective.
  • Assist billing departments in determining equitable payment plans.
  • Provide good communication regarding patient problems or concerns.

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Credit Reports for Doctors' Offices

As healthcare costs climb and the number of self-pays increase, it's becoming important to provide viable alternatives to pay-in-full. The ability to establish equitable payment plans is paramount. Your CBS representative can provide you with the tools to do just that. By obtaining a credit report, your office is able to verify a patient's financial situation. Credit reports coupled with office procedures helps to minimize future problems.

Account Recovery Solutions for Doctors' Offices

Bad debt can be crippling to your office. With today's heightened focus on managing expenses, you need to efficiently find debtors and collect from those most likely to pay. CBS' suite of products helps you prioritize your collection activities, locate skips, improve recovery rates and reduce write-offs; they include:

  • Skip Tracing Services
  • Full Collections
  • Pre-Collect services
  • Litigation

Check Recovery Solutions for Doctors' Offices

If you take checks, then receiving a dishonored check is inevitable. However, besides cash, checks continue to be the least costly payment method. Today credit/debit card discount rates and transaction fees running 6-8%, whereas less than 1% of all checks are dishonored.  To make matters worse, when credit card fraud occurs there is little or no chance of recovering your monies. 

Our CheckMate program includes:

  • Bank Authorization for quick reporting/processing of dishonored check
  • ACCESS Electronic Check Verification
  • Check Recovery is provided at NO COST to our members
  • Electronic Check Clearing Services via ACH
  • Second Placement Processing
  • Fraud Services

Pre-Employment Screening Solutions

In todays litigious society, it is increasingly important for employers to take all reasonable steps to check employee integrity. Our pre-employment screening is a highly effective way of combating potential employee fraud.

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