FAQ's on Credit Reporting

While everyone today realizes that they have a credit file following them around, regretfully there is little “accurate” information to help individuals understand their credit report.

Below are the most frequently asked questions about this area.

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I see a tradeline for "Credit Bureau Services." What should I do?

There are over 100 Credit Bureaus throughout the United States.  Our company is shown as "CBS, Inc" and service Nebraska.  If you have a tradeline that shows "Credit Bureau Services", we suggest you start with the state you currently reside in or resided in. 

Note: If the credit report you are reviewing was provided to you online, from one of the big three repositories (TransUnion, Equifax, or Experian,) they are required by law to tell you the creditor information, BUT only if you request it.  So look closely when ordering credit reports online.

What if a Credit Reporting Agency investigated my dispute, but I don't agree with what they found?

You have the right to add a brief statement to your credit report. It needs to be 100 words or less and should include factual information. The Credit Reporting Agency must include a summary of your statement in future credit reports issued.

Credit Bureau Services

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