Fraud Services


Fraud Services

Credit Bureau Services has always stressed the importance of community cooperative programs. Today the need is greater than ever as fraudulent checks rise, counterfeit money surfaces, and open accounts fall behind. Local businesses need to pull together to minimize the effects of these situations.

Being part of this community cooperative program gives you access to knowledge of a potential bad checkwriter in your community. CheckMate has developed an email alert that goes out to members alerting them of account closed, stolen and forged checkwriters that may be looking for their next potential victim.

To that endeavor, CheckMate works closely with our local police to identify fraudulent check activity; from closed accounts, forged checks and counterfeit checks. We work to either recover your monies or to prevent the checkwriter from further abusing checkwriting privileges.

We have been successful in providing the necessary evidence to prosecute felony check cases. We pride ourselves on identifying trends on accounts and educating our customers on how to identify potential problems.

By utilizing our CheckMate's ACCESS verification services, many businesses can identify fraudulent checks at the point of sale.

Our goal at CheckMate is to help you take more good checks,
while stopping the few bad ones.

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