CBS Scores on ACA Survey

Since the 1960's Credit Bureau Services has participated in American Collectors Association's (ACA) general survey of collection agencies.  The results of the survey assist us in assessing our programs and serves as a benchmark of how we are performing within our industry.

Below are the results of the survey. 

Primary Liquidation/Recovery
Rate by Industry 
 Mean  Median  CBS
 Checks  29.0%  20.6%  89.0%
 Commercial  27.6%  26.5%  37.8%
 Credit Cards & Retail  20.0%  14.7%  96.5%
 Telecommunications & Utilities  19.8%  15.3%  46.2%
 Healthcare, Non-Hospital  19.3%  15.0%  61.7%
 Banks & Finance Companies  17.7%    8.1%  41.0%
 Autos  17.1%  10.7%  32.6%
 All Others  16.1%  11.9%  75.3%
 Hospitals  15.7%  10.8%  47.4%
 Student Loans  13.9%    9.5%  51.9%
 Government  13.5%    7.4%  76.2%


This was the first year that most of the information was submitted directly from various automated collection systems, therefore, finer detail within the industries was lost.  Due to the new format we were unable to compare the direction for some industries.  Breakdown within the Healthcare area -- like Ambulance Services, Dentist, Chiropractors, etc. was unavailable.

Mean is the same as the Average.

Median is the midpoint, where there is an equal number that is both higher and lower.

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