May 25, 2019
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As your Full Service Credit Partner, we are committed to providing programs which will help credit grantors define quality performance in credit and collection management. We've built our services around extremely capable people - they're experienced, highly knowledgeable, and empowered to make decisions.

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FAQ's on CheckMate

How can I minimize the number of bad checks?

Regretfully, in today's world we can't stop counterfeit money, stolen credit cards or bad checks.  But we can take action to minimize them.  When you sign-up for our Check Verification service, not only will you minimize bad check but you can confidently take more good checks.  We can also provide you a pin to help minimize taking counterfeit bills.  Remember, the most frequently counterfeited bill is the $20 bill.

What if the Checkwriter pays me for a bad check?

The Fair Credit Billing Act requires that you IMMEDIATELY notify us if you should accept payment. Please refer to your contract on additional requirements.

Can CheckMate recovery 2 party checks?

Yes. A 2 party check is one that is written to an individual from another individual or business.  Like a payroll checks. While 2 party checks can NOT be handled via ACH, our collectors work to recover your monies from all individuals involved.


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