May 25, 2019
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As your Full Service Credit Partner, we are committed to providing programs which will help credit grantors define quality performance in credit and collection management. We've built our services around extremely capable people - they're experienced, highly knowledgeable, and empowered to make decisions.

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CheckVerification.jpgCheckMate provides a check authorization service that is accessible and affordable to all businesses regardless of size or volume. CheckMate's ACCESS System interfaces with today's most popular Point-of-Sale devices. Data, from thousands of merchants and financial institutions, is updated daily into the system to ensure maximum accuracy.

By utilizing CheckMate's ACCESS System, you are able to manage the risk involved in check acceptance. For only pennies, members are able to accept their customer's check quickly and with confidence. Our system is available 24 hours a day- 7 days a week.

For over 25 years CheckMate has been a leader
in the check recovery business.


CheckMate's POS device, provides you with a positive identification of check writers who have written bad checks to other CheckMate members. It is truly a community cooperative program. Together we can stop the few bad checks and enjoy new found security in accepting more good checks.

"Decline cards" are provided, to give your personnel a discreet means to turn down the checkwriter. It directs them on where to go to get the problem resolved.


The ACCESS System can be designed to fit your unique needs or you can select one of our tailored programs.

Each program has it's own special combination of benefits. See below to find out which option is right for your business. CheckMate's POS Specialized Programs are conveniently tailored toward specific industries and their unique needs. It couldn't be any faster or easier.

Premium Member Services

Specifically designed for high volume users. These include large grocery stores, casinos, and regional or chain stores. This is our premier service. It features 8,000 free inquiries per month, two advanced IVI checkreaders, special discounts for IVI checkreaders and second placement processing.

Optimum Member Services

Specifically designed for convenience stores, check cashing and local grocery stores. It features and IVI checkreader, 4,000 free inquiries per month, and second placement processing.

Select Member Services

Designed for medical offices, restaurants, lounges, hotels, gasoline stations and video stores. Includes an IVI checkreader and 1,000 free inquires per month.

Our goal is simple –
To help area merchants improve sales and customer service while controlling costs.

We offer complete onsite training of your personnel.


Click here to get more information on CheckMate's Check Verification Service.

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