July 16, 2019
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Credit Bureau Services
designs and tailors programs to meet the unique challenges businesses are facing in today's competitive markets. In everything we do, our trademark is the same: skillfully created solutions tailored to the customer's unique needs.

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Our staff includes specialists in various fields such as Credit Management, Accounts Receivable Management, Accounting, Credit Reporting, Check Recovery, Finance and Collection. We function as a pro-active, solution-oriented team.

CBS...Your Full-Service Credit Partner.

Our collectors are certified on FDCPA, FCRA and healthcare collections.  Certification is through ACA, NCRA and MDHBA.

Our ability to educate, monitor, collect and report is evidenced by the fact that our clients enjoy recovery rates that are double or triple the national average.



By cutting costs, improving cash flow and helping credit grantor's define quality performance in credit management, CBS is well prepared to serve its clients needs as we enter our second century of operation.

Because credit is such an essential part of our economy,
we're constantly developing more efficient and effective programs
to help businesses and consumers better manage credit.


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